binchotan charcoal stick

passed the process of high temperature carbonization, refined surface pores can shrink water molecules and benefit human health. Accept customized packaging

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Product Description
type white charcoal (hardwood)
length 11-12cm
diameter 1.8-2.8 cm
weight 50-65 g



- Full of natural mineral
- Mildew Proof
-Adjustable Humidity
-Electromagnetic wave neutralization force
-Prevent oxidation
- With far infrared

Natural Minerals
Multi- holes on the surface. Change the water quality to weakly alkaline.
Put into tea, water to remove harmful substances, chlorine and sweeten the drink.

Pass Test

√ Peroxide Value Test- Specific Migration of Heavy Metals

√ Specific Migration of Primary Aromatic Amines- Sensory Test- Distilled Water

√ PHA Content Test

√ Regulated Phthalates Test

√ Total CadmiumTotal Lead

Where can I use?
First 3 month
Cook (can be used 20-30 times)
Purify Water/ Tea/ Liquor (can be used 3-6 months)
Deodorization: Refrigerator
After using 6 months
Deodorization:Shoe/ Shoe cabinet/ Car/ Refrigerator/ Pet house
Cleaning Tips ( after using 3 months)
1. Wash it with water and brush.(do not use detergent)
2. Boil with 100°C hot water for 30 minutes.
3. Dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place.
Function Bichotan Normal Charcoal
Structure solid, not easy to burn, heavy soft, friable, easy to burn, light
Purification great bad
Function can be used in food,filtering water/ deodorizer normal fuel, use for burning
Burning Time
3-4 hrs
1000-1200°C High temperature resistance
40-50 mins
600-800°C Heat intolerance
Exterior white powder and smooth cut on the surface dark surface

1000-1200°C high temperature baking - cool down - classify - cut into same size - purification with ultrasonic cleaning high temperature sterilization - filter - packing 

Test Report

                                                                    Total Cadmium
                                                                        Total Lead


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